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Bring new flavors to your mouth !


Fries with a unique taste...

The project was born in 2021. We set ourselves the crazy challenge of introducing new French fries to the so-called “French fries country” by creating Yucammy, the cassava fries brand.

This project desires to shine the light on an unfamiliar vegetable and offer a belly-warming experience to any food aficionado.

Such a way of cooking and eating cassava is mainly found in the African, Afro-Caribbean and, Latin-American cultures, i.e., countries where cassava is cultivated. Within these countries, cassava is a staple and is thus eaten in a variety of ways. But for this palate-pleasing experience, we chose to promote its fried version.

Our Values

Quality, excellence & taste

Our mission is to guarantee quality cassava fries by exercising day-to-day control on each step of our production chain while maintaining the maximum level of taste in each of our fries.


We are aware of the uniqueness of our fries and want our consumers to eat them as such. Thanks to our distinct approach, our goal is to spark the curiosity and the interest of those unfamiliar with cassava fries. Curious enough to taste our Yucammy fries? Have a bite and see if your mouth regrets it.


We also want to remain authentic. Cassava fries are well-known in African and South American cuisine. We have to stay faithful to the essence of cassava fries while making them better than any home version.

Integrity and Sustainability

It is very important for us to stay true to our values and beliefs while pursuing our goal of growth. We will also seek, as far as possible, to develop in a sustainable manner by opting for environmentally friendly tools and practices.


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Who am I ?

As a Solvay Brussels School of E&M graduate with years in the consultancy and corporate finance industry, Refee Mulumba has marked 2021 as the year that sees Yucammy take up the gauntlet and introduce cassava fries in a country known for its fried potatoes.