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Cassava Fries

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New French Fries Arrive In Brussels!

Indulge yourself in an exquisite culinary experience with Yucammy. Made of High quality cassava, these hand-cut fries will take you on a tasting journey at the very heart of the African, South American and Afro-Caribbean cultures. Whether served as a main or a side dish, Yucammy will give you the enjoyment that satisfies your craving.

Fresh and Quality Cassava...

Cassava is a tuber of the Euphorbiaceae family and it is mainly grown in the sub-tropical regions. We make sure to supply ourselves with the best cassava available from our local supplier who imports it from these regions. Cassava is…

Our Fries Are Authentic, Innovative And Homemade

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Yucammy Fries Are Now Available!

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